Air freight services in Dubai
Air freight services in Dubai
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Air freight services in Dubai
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Air freight services in Dubai
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INC Express is an Air Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai. Airfreight refers to transporting goods from one location to another through the medium of air. Airfreight Logistics is one of the most popular ways of international shipping goods from Dubai. International Freight Shipping by commercial flights transports the cargo from UAE to global destinations daily, which makes it a preferred shipping method for customers who want fast turnaround for the delivery and availability of their products.

INC Express is a reliable provider of international air cargo services in Dubai, making it easier for customers to book air freight shipping services according to their cargo requirements. The Air Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai also handles customs clearance, provides insurance for damages, and manages inventory.


Compare your rate and transit time alternatives, process shipments and track your shipping order with our advanced online tools.

DG Agent with GCAA and IATA Approval

Approved by GCAA ( General Civil Aviation Authority) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) to handle dangerous cargo.

Clearance for Cross Border Transportation

We ensure a smooth and comfortable export/import clearance for you so that you receive your goods on time in the required place.

Quality Temperature Controlled Environment

Your option for the air transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Shipments travel in temperature-controlled cargo compartments.

Why Us

Air cargo services in Dubai

Logistic Support

With ample of experience in the air transport field, we provide appropriate and absolute logistic solutions and services to our clients.

Door To Door Service

We provide convenient pickup from your desired location and well-timed delivery at the destination with our international air freight services, establishing us as a trusted Air Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai.


By choosing our Air Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai, you ensure quick freight age and shipment of your goods at the landing place."

Online Contact

Our trained officials will get in touch with you in no time and make you acquainted with our diverse air transport services.

Easy Freight Booking

Explore a wide range of air freight options with our Air Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai"

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