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Shipping hazardous goods can be a challenging task when moving them within a country. The difficulty increases when running operations on a global scale. Shipping hazardous goods internationally includes following an exclusive set of rules and regulations. Different types of hazardous items need definite specifications, and each country maintains its policies involving dangerous materials. These goods can include a wide range of items, including lithium batteries, battery-operated devices, aerosols, oxygen cylinders, and flammable materials. Further, we will discuss the specific regulations and details regarding the shipping of hazardous goods. Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai

Dangerous Goods: An Overview

Dangerous goods are substances or items that are a threat to safety, health, the environment, or property during shipping. It is essential to manage such goods with extreme care from the beginning to the end of the shipping process. These goods can come in various forms, such as solids, liquids, or gases, and may include corrosive materials or everyday items like perfumes. Tank containers are commonly used for transporting dangerous goods, as they offer both safety during transportation and the ability to transport large quantities by loading them. It is necessary to select the Hazardous/Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai with all the necessary arrangements.

Guide To Ship The Hazardous Goods Safely:

The safe transport of dangerous goods depends on accurately categorizing and identifying them based on their specific hazards. It includes flammability, toxicity, explosiveness, and more. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to ship these hazardous materials securely.

Keep Complete Knowledge Of Rules And Regulations

You must understand and obey the regulations for transporting hazardous goods. The regulations might differ depending on the specific type of hazardous goods that your company is shipping. Companies like INC Express Shipping LLC follow all regulations involving requirements for documentation, packaging, marking, and labeling of the goods.

Information Regarding The Container

Special containers are necessary for transporting dangerous goods and cannot be transported in regular containers. Thus, it is important to select either ISO tank containers or choose from various intermodal tank types for hazardous items shipping services In Dubai. If you are looking to purchase or lease containers, you can easily explore the container options that best suit your company's needs.

Classification Of Cargo Shipping

The responsibility of categorizing and labeling hazardous materials is according to the consignor or shipper. It is important to guarantee that those handling the goods are well-informed about their potential risks.

Trained Personnel

The team involved in the transportation of hazardous materials must have the proper training for safe handling of dangerous goods. You can hire a professional individual or company to handle the preparation and shipment of these materials on behalf of your company.


Packaging of dangerous goods & prohibited items shippingis essential for ensuring secure transportation. To guarantee safety, your company must avoid improper packing containers. Additionally, special materials such as tape, zip ties, and poly bags are often needed to pack dangerous goods securely. Also, the containers must be labeled with the country specification markings.

Document Handling

The company should ensure the correct labeling of hazardous goods. Additionally, it is important to remove old labels from reused boxes and also to keep all essential documents well-maintained.

Important Documents For Shipping Hazardous Goods

Shipping different types of hazardous goods across international borders can prove to be a challenging task due to the extensive range of classes, sub-classes, and divisions. To ensure hassle-free custom clearance at ports, your company must keep certain essential documents. Here are the details:

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Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai | UAE

Data Sheet

The MSDS (material safety data sheet) includes information regarding the potential dangers present and provides instructions to handle the hazardous material safely during transportation. Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai

Transportation Emergency Card

A transportation card for hazardous materials provides guidelines for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous substances. The team involved in the handling of such goods is necessary to keep and carry this card.


A declaration for dangerous goods (DGD) provides information about the type of hazardous substances which is under transportation. Additionally, it has identification symbols that describe the specific packaging measures and identify the necessary labels. Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai.

Packaging Certification

This document has the container's identification number and confirms that the packaging of hazardous materials is according to the provided instructions. Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai.

Goods Manifestation

The primary aim of a dangerous goods manifest (DGM) is to establish all essential details, including the hazardous material, in a single document.


There are several factors to keep in mind when shipping dangerous goods and selecting hazardous/Dangerous Goods Shipping and Handling Services in Dubai. By conducting proper research, using secure packaging, completing documentation accurately, and applying the correct labels, you can minimize any issues or delays when transporting shipments that contain hazardous substances. Connect to INC Express Shipping LLC, which follows all the rules and regulations to transport such goods safely and securely.

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