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Whether you are moving programmable pacemakers across the globe or blood glucose meters around the country, INC Express is ready to serve you with our highly Healthcare Intrument Shipping in Dubai and efficient medical device logistics professionals. Listed as the best company for healthcare instrument shipping in Dubai, our team has the necessary experience to craft a custom solution that is efficient, secure, and eligible to improve your business.

Explore Our Medical Equipment Shipping Services

At INC Express, our top-notch procedures are great for handling a vast range of medical device transportation that could reduce the uncertainty of deliveries. We always prioritize your products, consider the distinct shipping requirements, and also focus on crafting customized solutions that can ensure successful transit.

We also go the extra mile by conducting thorough on-site surveys before the final shipment. From following strict packaging protocols to minimizing the risk of cargo damage, we are committed to serving the needs of consumers at their best.

As we believe that medical equipment shipping is far beyond normal transportation, we always take some extra care. Our dedicated customer service team also offers complete support if clients have doubts about their shipments. Cater to varying product and customer needs, we offer –

B2B global pickup and delivery

Packing and re-packing

Equipment setup and installation

Warehouse management and distribution

Inventory and purchase order management

And many more

Our Medical Device Transportation Qualifications You Can Trust

At INC Express, we provide reliable and faster medical device supply chain solutions for your important medical and biotech equipment. As we are highly trained in handling medical device supply chain operations and customer service, our shipping credentials include the following:
  • State-of-the-art and advanced asset monitoring systems to ensure reduced risk and damage
  • Standard operating procedures
  • ISO 13485 Certification UAE
  • Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP)
  • Cargo screening facilities with TSA certification

Why We Are the Best In Medical Equipment Shipping Dubai?

Medical devices

Medical devices are lifesavers. We know you need a supply chain to quickly handle and deliver your critical devices, surgical kits, and other equipment to the most needed places.

Shipping Medical Equipment

Shipping medical equipment is a serious job, and we always believe in doing our job with complete transparency and dedication. When hospitals and private nursing homes want more important machines, tools, and supplies to save patients’ lives, our prime duty is to serve them faster.

Emergency Delivery Service

Our work in different healthcare fields has made us a proven leader in the medical equipment shipping field. It is a fact that CT scanners, Lasers, radiology equipment, and different hazardous materials can pose severe transportation problems, which need excellent shipping services and engineered techniques to ensure success. Sometimes, emergency delivery service is also required; here, our speedy and efficient delivery comes to act.

Transportation Service

With over a vast year of experience, we have moved thousands of shipments for medical equipment dealers, manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide. If you need Medical device transportation service, we know how to do the job at its best.

Finding Reliable Healthcare Shipping Solutions


Not all companies can provide faster, safer, and time-sensitive medical equipment courier services. There are many consequences when consumers need temperature-controlled vans or vehicles with air-ride suspension. Consumers want the delivery process seamless when the talk is about medical transportation and medical device shipment services. As there are different surgical supplies, fragile devices, and equipment handled in the medical field, we can not take even a 1% chance of risk


At INC Express, when we deliver medical equipment globally or domestically, we work diligently with our shipping team to determine the best shipping process for each project. There are significant needs that need to be dealt with expertise when it comes to medical equipment, and we can design and develop the best logistics plans here catering to specific needs that could meet the requirements of businesses for supplying medical equipment.

Our USP To Become Industry Leaders In Medical Equipment Shipping


We have not gained expertise on medical equipment shipping overnight. We have been working actively in this for years to earn the trust and faith of hospitals, medical equipment dealers, and suppliers worldwide. Hence, we have gained popularity over the years as the best healthcare shipping solution in Dubai and are widely recognized for our reliability and versatility. With our specialized logistics and freight solutions, we serve various health and medical professionals. Our skills, capabilities, knowledge, and experience have set us apart.


Our services include:
  • Special medical equipment shipping Services
  • Emergency shipping for medical equipment
  • Expedited medical equipment shipping services
  • Freight solutions for medical equipment
  • Medical equipment delivery service


At INC Express, we not only understand the process of handling medical tools, but we also know how to move the medical equipment well. By considering the nuances of healthcare logistics, we offer instant online tracking that lets our customers receive real-time updates and a clear idea of their medical equipment delivery process and timing. We also provide time-sensitive support to professional medical equipment manufacturers who are crucial in offering different healthcare facilities.


As we have developed countless supply chain solutions to complete a seamless medical equipment supply process, we take pride in being one of the leading companies in healthcare instrument shipping in Dubai. So, you can trust us to be your next shipping partner for years.

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