At INC Express, we offer our customers with exceptional logistics services for their project cargo requirements. We reduce the distances between their raw materials and equipment/plants. No matter you require international shipping services for your overweight cargo or are willing to transport heavy machinery, INC Express is at your step with exclusive operational as well as technical skills, bulk/packaged goods handling, heavy lifting services and more.

Our top-notch services have a profound experience in providing project cargo services. Being a reliable and trustworthy partner, we offer unmatched quality in our project cargo services.

Customized Approach

Document Handling

Flexibility in Mode Of Transport

Co-ordination & Implementation

Bulk Shipments usually require precision and timely coordination, being one of the top freight forwarding company in Dubai, we offer to outclass team to collaboratively coordinate and implement service.

Client’s Participation

We coordinate our project cargo service with the site of delivery and the client to avoid any confusion or hassle in the process.

Bulk Air/Road/Sea Cargo Management

We ensure that all the heavy machinery or bulk cargo we transport or ship continues its intactness and quality. Hence, our officers have skills in taking complete care of it.

Real-time Status

We make sure that our client’s stay calm and assured of their shipment and hence we provide them with real-time updates on the status of their shipment.

Why Us


Customized Route

We create dedicated routes for our clients, which are safe and uniform, to promote easier importing and exporting of your cargo.


Safe Warehousing

Our transportation facilities have foolproof of any and all sorts of extremities that might damage the freight in any way.


Maintained Schedules

Our technical and shipment teams have exceptional time management skills; they will state and follow strict schedules for freight transportation.


Easy Transportation of Cargo

We select the cargo containers and transportation modes that fir your requirements perfectly.


Intermodal Shipment:

Our wide access to different transportation means, makes available the intermodal shipment feature for our clients.

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