At INC Express, we put consistent efforts in providing absolute temperature control services to our clients. Being a responsible and reliable shipping company, we don’t want our clients to bear any losses or disadvantage of dealing in perishable or sensitive goods and hence we offer exclusive temperature-controlled cargo services. No matter you deal with medical equipment’s or dangerous goods like chemical substances, we have something for all.

We are the leading temperature control freight forwarding company in Dubai that provides modernised equipment on all the stages of the process. We have specialised warehousing and refrigerators that provide require the temperature to your products. We do not support any chemical additions, and hence we assure our clients with the quality of their goods.

Cautious Professionals

Accurate Precaution

Minimal Risk

Perishable Goods

Our temperature-control service concentrates on the perishable goods like medical items, laboratory equipment’s, highly perishable medicines etc. We ensure that all these products stay intact and maintain their freshness. 

Dangerous Goods

We provide exclusive care and equipment for different classes of dangerous goods varying from liquid gases to toxic and infectious substances. We have DG agents with approval from GCAA and IATA.

Oil & Gas

We understand that middle-east is a hub of oil and gas refineries and hence we offer extensive shipping options of oil and gas products.

Critical Cargo Handling

Our DG agents have specialised skills and knowledge to handle such dangerous goods. Without any hassle and chaos, our DG agents provide substantial care.

Why Us


Service for All

Our varied temperature control cargo shipment covers services for different sectors ranging from healthcare to food and edible product.


Express Transportation

Rather than opting for slower and irregular logistic services, choose our Express Transportation solution for your perishable and putrescible goods.


Reliable Service

With our expertise, reach, and knowledge; you can rest assured that your freight and its transportation are in good hands.


Freight Monitoring

We have cargo monitoring systems equipped with the containers to make sure that all products and goods are safe and sound.


Global and Local Expertise

Our team consists of members from different walks of life who, therefore, have in-depth knowledge of the overall process.

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